Natural pure Camptothecin Powder

  • Cas No.:7689-03-4
  • Molecular Formula:C20H16N2O4
  • Purity:98%
  • Molecular Weight:

Product Details

Appearance:Fine Powder

Throughput:10|Metric Ton|Month

Application:1. Applied in Medicine and health products. 2. Applied in food & pharmaceutical field.

Delivery Time:3-5working days



Product Name


Plant part used



Light Yellow Powder

Test methold




Camptothecin (CPT) is a cytotoxic quinoline alkaloid which inhibits the DNA enzyme topoisomerase I (topo I). It was discovered in 1966 by M. E. Wall and M. C. Wani in systematic screening of natural products for anticancer drugs. It was isolated from the bark and stem of Camptotheca acuminata (Camptotheca, Happy tree), a tree native to China used as a cancer treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. CPT showed remarkable anticancer activity in preliminary clinical trials but also low solubility and (high) adverse drug reaction. Because of these disadvantages synthetic and medicinal chemists have developed numerous syntheses of Camptothecin and various derivatives to increase the benefits of the chemical, with good results. Two CPT analogues have been approved and are used in cancer chemotherapy today, topotecan and irinotecan.


1. Camptothecin can make changes in skin epidermal keratinization process.
2. Camptothecin is used for anti-cancer, anti-virus, immune inhibition, anti early pregnancy.
3. Camptothecin has the function of treatment of gastric cancer, liver cancer, head and neck cancer and leukemia.
1)Camptothecin and its derivatives are unique in their ability to inhibit DNA Topoisomerase I, by stabilizing a covalent reaction intermediate termed the cleavable complex which ultimately causes tumor cell death.
2.)In clinical it is widely believed that camptothecin analogs exhibited remarkable anti-tumour and anti-leukaemia activity. Topoisomerase is a basilic enzyme in the process of DNA replication, it is responsible for the winding / unwinding of the supercoiled DNA composing the chromosomes. If the chromosomes cannot be unwound, transcription of DNA message cannot occur and the protein cannot be synthesized, it ultimately causes cell death.
3.)Application of camptothecin in clinic is limited due to serious side effects and poor water-solubility.
4.)At present, some camptothecin analogs,either semi-synthetic or synthetic drug based on camptothecin, have been applied cancerous therapy


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