L Lysine hydrochloride HCl Powder L-Lysine HCl

  • Cas No.:657-27-2
  • Molecular Formula:C6H14N2O2HCL
  • Purity:99%
  • Molecular Weight:

Product Details

Appearance:white fine powder

Throughput:100|Metric Ton|Month

Application:(1) Applied in medical fields (2) Applied in cosmetic fields (3) Applied in animal feed

Delivery Time:3-5working days


Product Name L Lysine HCL
Specification 99%
Appearance White powder
CAS 657-27-2
Molecular Formula C6H14N2O2HCL
Grade Feed/Food Grade



Lysine hydrochloride is an essential amino acid. It is a necessary nutrient for the human body, but the body cannot produce it by itself. It must be obtained through daily diet and nutritional supplements.


As an amino acid, it is an essential component of protein. This nutrition plays an important role in the proper growth and development of the body. It is an important component of carnitine production. Carnitine is responsible for unsaturation. The conversion of fatty acids into energy also helps lower cholesterol levels. Lysine has other functions in the body. It forms collagen with other nutrients. Collagen plays an important role in connective tissue, skeletal muscle, tendons and articular cartilage. In addition, lysine also helps the body absorb calcium.



Product Name CAS
L-Lysine 56-87-1
D-Lysine 923-27-3
DL-Lysine 70-54-2
L-Lysine HCL 657-27-2
D-Lysine HCL 7274-88-6
DL-Lysine HCL 70-53-1





Lysine hydrochloride is a feed nutrition fortifier, which has the functions of enhancing appetite of livestock and poultry, improving disease resistance, promoting wound healing, improving meat quality, enhancing gastric secretion, and synthesizing brain nerves, germ cells, proteins and hemoglobin Essential substances. Generally the amount added in the feed is 0.1-0.2%.


Lysine HCL is an essential amino acid in the human body, which can enhance hematopoietic function, enhance gastric juice secretion, increase protein utilization, increase disease resistance, maintain metabolic balance, and help promote the development of children's chemicalbook physical and mental development. China stipulates that flour, biscuits and bread that can be used for processing noodles are used in an amount of 1 to 2 g / kg; 0.3 to 0.8 g / kg in drinking liquid.


Lysine HCL is one of the most important amino acids, and the amino acid industry has now become an industry of considerable scale and importance. Lysine is mainly used in food, medicine and feed.