cosmetics raw material Ceramide powder 1% 5% 30% 40% 45% for moisturizer cream ceramide 1 3

  • Cas No.:100403-19-8
  • Molecular Formula:C24H47NO3
  • Purity:10%
  • Molecular Weight:

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Throughput:1|Metric Ton|Month

Application:1,cosmetics 2.Functional Foods

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[Production Name]: Ceramide

[Source]:          Rice Bran Extract

[Apperance]: light yellow to off white fine powder or glue


   Ceramide Powder: 10%; 

   Ceramide Gel:1%, 5% ;

   Ceramide Liquid: 3%;

   Ceramide Granule:30% ;

[Test Method]: HPLC

Ceramide from rice bran mainly exists in the form of sphingolipids and its 1-hydroxy connects glucose by glucoside bonds. There are over 20 types of sphingolipids from rice bran, and the fatty acid of the most popular 4(see below)linked by imide bonds is more common, namely linoleic acid, oleic acid, Stearic acid and palmtic acid. Different from skin ceramide, the sphingosines of ceramide from rice bran contain 4- and 8-double bonds, referred to as (4E,8E/Z)-spinga-4,8-dienine(d18:24,8).

plays a very important role in maintaining the skin barrier;
Ceramide can enhance adhesion between keratinocytes, reduce skin desquamation;
Ceramide can maintain skin moisture;
Ceramide can anti-aging;
Ceramide can regulate cell growth variation;
Ceramide is cytotoxic regulator in the cell.
Ceramide is the most recent years developed a new generation of moisturizing agent is a lipid soluble substance, it constitutes the physical structure of the stratum corneum of skin similar to quickly penetrate the skin, and cuticle of the water, forming a kind of network structure, to seal in moisture. Increase with age and into old age, exist in human skin will gradually reduce ceramide, dry skin and rough skin, skin type and other abnormal symptoms appear is due to a decrease in the amount of ceramide. So to prevent such skin abnormalities, added ceramide is an ideal way.
2.Functional Foods
Taking ceramide, absorbed in the small intestine and transferred to the blood, and then transported to the body, so that the skin cells to obtain a good recovery and regeneration, but also allows the body's own neural acid biosynthesis.


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